A 40th Birthday Party at Winthrop Estate

by Jamie on April 11, 2009

Here’s a story about why I love hosting at the Estate…


She called me in November, as her 9 year old daughter was encouraging her to do something special for her birthday. She wanted to do something more than a meal at a restaurant, and she wanted to be in the Berkshires so her elderly mother could be a part of the celebration without traveling far from her Lenox home. She liked the Berkshires because she could easily come up from NYC (3 hours) and her sister’s family could come easily from the Boston area (2 hours).

“Could we host a small dinner party in December?” she asked me.

We checked the dates and since she had heard good things about us, after a short, detailed, good conversation, she booked the estate for her 40th birthday party. I helped her arrange catering (with local chef Shelley Williams known for her excellent quality of food and her rich combination of flavors) and I helped her arrange some special floral centerpieces. A few weeks later, the birthday girl and her family arrived at the Winthrop Estate. Though many of the family had seen our pictures on the web, all were surprised, wide-eyed and thrilled at the elegance, magic and spaciousness of the Winthrop Estate (they told me so much as they walked around with smiles and excitement upon arrival).

The afternoon proceeded with lots of hugs for Grandma and the release of tension that comes with vacation paired with the energy and excitement of a party. The 20 family members all made themselves at home at the estate; fires were fed and people enjoyed delicious food and their favorite wine (guests at the Winthrop Estate can bring their own if they wish). And of course, they enjoyed each others company during the evening party. Some kids went to sleep early; parents talked into the night. They continued the celebration in the morning before eventually heading back to their homes.

In the morning as I was saying good bye, the Grandma thanked me for such a lovely experience, and the birthday girl told me that one of her favorite moments of the weekend was at the dining table with the candles flickering and the dessert served (with key lime frosting, her favorite), when her daughter said, “Look mom, all the people I love in the same room, right here.”

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Laura 04.28.09 at 4:59 am

This story makes it obvious that you can make any occasion a little more special if it happens at the Winthrop Estate, regardless of the size or event.

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