The Destination Wedding Deal: How a destination wedding can be a bargain.

by Jamie on April 24, 2009

A destination wedding is an entirely different kind of wedding than a hosting a wedding at a hotel in the city where you live.

For a city wedding, you rent a function space for about five hours, invites guests for a meal and dancing, and the bride and groom and family spend time with their guests and celebrate for about five hours.  But when you plan a destination wedding, you plan a whole weekend, and everyone has a totally different experience. Most importantly, the bride and groom get to spend time with family and friends on Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon and night, and Sunday morning. You can even plan for it to be longer than a week.

Destination weddings are all  about the people- your relationships.  A destination wedding gives everyone a vacation and more time to spend with each other. Isn’t that the purpose of having a wedding celebration after all? I think the most important and meaningful aspect of a wedding is being with friends and family and celebrating together.  The food and music are nice, and we couldn’t do without them, but the memories and the moments are created by and with the people, your friends and family.

A Whole New Experience
When you rent a private estate for a weekend, you get a large home to welcome and host your guests.  Friends stop by “your home” on Friday night as they get into town.  They enjoy a light meal (maybe a buffet), a drink and some time to catch up.  On Saturday, you might invite your guests for lemonade and Frisbee on “your lawn”, or a card game in your living room.  You might treat your bridal party to massages in “your massage room” or just spend time with friends on the couch.  Saturday afternoon you would enjoy a lovely ceremony (set up by the estate staff, you don’t have to lift a finger) and a delicious meal and dancing.  Unlike a function hall, you do not have to leave after the dancing.  Those who like to stay up late and talk can continue with the wedding energy and enjoy more social time in “your library or conservatory” with midnight sliders and milkshakes, or whatever you enjoy.  On Sunday, you have another opportunity to make memories and have meaningful conversations with your guests as you host a farewell brunch and again welcome guests into “your dining room” to enjoy your favorite foods.

The Advantages of choosing the Winthrop Estate

  • You do not pay bar prices for your drinks.  You basically get to pay for all your alcohol at retail prices.
  • You can choose your caterer, so it’s up to you whether  you want to make the menu simple or elaborate. Unlike fancy hotels, there are no food and beverage minimum fees at the Winthrop Estate.
  • When you rent the Winthrop Estate, you get exclusive use of the estate (think privacy), use of 11 bedrooms for two nights, a venue to  can host the rehearsal dinner,  Saturday afternoon activities, a ceremony, a reception, and an after-party and farewell brunch without any extra fees.  The estate staff takes care of the event coordination, set up and the clean up. You don’t have to worry about a thing, and can focus all your attention to having a good time.
  • You will not have a cookie-cutter wedding.  Each weekend wedding reflects the bride and groom’s personality and choices.  You can arrange for a wedding planner to do everything after consulting with you, or  you yourself can make decisions about all the details and tailor everything to suit your style and taste.

By choosing a destination wedding, you’ll find your self spending almost the same as a hotel wedding. But you’re guaranteed a special, incredible wedding experience.  You get a lot more time with your friends and family, and an incredible weekend full of memories to cherish forever. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Alexa 04.24.09 at 7:39 pm


GREAT POST! Yay! You’re blogging!

I’m going to forward this link onto a few brides who I know. I think the reasons you outlined in this post are great reasons for considering the Winthrop Estate for a wedding.

I can say from personal experience having been there that it really is a pretty spectacular venue. I’ve never given much thought to getting married or where I would want a wedding, but from the moment I stepped inside your house, I immediately felt like all I wanted to do was plan a wedding.

Thanks again for having me the other week and keep up the great work with your new social media initiatives!

-Alexa | @alexa

Dane 04.28.09 at 4:30 pm

I definitely agree with your thoughts about the ‘destination wedding’ idea. My brother recently had a destination wedding and it was different in so many great ways than the local weddings that I’ve become accustomed to. What you wrote about was absolutely true; friends and family from all over converged on one location for about 4 days and we all had such a brilliant time.

Everyone was relaxed and really enjoying themselves, most likely due to the fact that there was no rushing around since we had four days and nights to celebrate together instead of just one. One of the greatest aspects of it as well was the mixing between friends and family that occurred over those four days — it was common to see my parents and my soon-to-be sister in law’s parents really spending some quality time together, my brother’s college friends getting to know my grandpa and grandma, and everyone wearing big smiles the entire time. I’m just looking forward to the next destination wedding at this point.

JessicaGroof 05.10.09 at 6:14 pm

Your site displays incorrectly in Firefox, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words:)

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