Farm to Table. Organic, Estate-Grown Vegetables

by Jamie on June 1, 2011

Lettuce from the Winthrop Estate Garden (photo from the summer of 2010)

Lettuce from the Winthrop Estate Garden (photo from the summer of 2010)

Last summer when I was sitting on the verandah, savoring a Winthrop Estate salad that was picked moments earlier, I felt like I knew what heaven must be like.  I fell in love with that bite as it was such an intense, fully engaged, ‘all-senses on’ experience.  I can hardly wait for the harvest!

A farmer?  I never thought I’d be a farmer.  But, based on our bountiful harvest the last two years and our unbounded enthusiasm for organic, locally grown, high quality vegetables, and the fact that my kids eat them right off ‘the vine’, we have expanded the Winthrop Estate farm this year.  We added more space for beds and completed the cultivation in late May, and we are now a small CSA with a handful of lucky, near by families and one restaurant as members (the shares sold out within a few phone calls).

We have planted tomatoes, beans, peppers, lettuces, carrots, corn, parsley, basil, and more…  (the full list can be seen in this <Winthrop Estate’s Organic Farm> post) and just last week we completed the beds with some plants from Left Field Farm.  Within a few weeks we will be ready to harvest the new crops.  We already have plenty of chives, scallions (quite strong and flavorful), spearmint and chocolate mint, and all have wonderfully intense flavors unlike we find in most grocery stores. We distribute the produce each week to the participating farm members, the guests of the Winthrop Estate, and a wonderful local restaurant, Nudel.

Because I love the organic fresh vegetables, in addition to being an enthusiastic farmer, I am a fan of the farmer’s markets and CSAs and am always looking for places to eat locally-grown, organic produce.  I am so pleased that there are many opportunities to get Berkshire produce at local restaurants and stores. See the Berkshire Grown site for more information on the farm to table week they have created in early June.

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