Free market competition: The potluck party

by Jamie on July 17, 2011

LauraGrant0908.786As secluded as the Winthrop Estate may seem when you’re on the property, we are still a large contributor to our community.  Hosting an annual neighborhood summer solstice barbecue at the mansion is one way in which we like to stay involved.  Last Friday, the residents of Yokun Avenue, family and friends gathered on the verandah and great lawn to enjoy an extraordinarily scrumptious potluck meal.  Dish after dish, the buffet table began to run out of space as guests arrived.  Only a half-hour into the festivities I became tempted to snap a photo of the plentiful bounty of food before me.  Each dish was equally exquisite as the last.  Robust salads, gourmet hors d’oeuvres, organic grass-fed burgers, fantastic vegetarian options, and delectable desserts awaited consumption.  It was obvious; our guests had been competing to see who would prepare the best dish for the barbecue.  It seems that free market competition works in business and potluck parties.

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