NUDEL enjoys blooming success of CSA

by Jamie on July 27, 2011 food images

The first year of the Winthrop Estate CSA has already yielded a delicious and ample crop of all sorts of leafy greens.  Lettuce, spinach, leeks, potatoes, beets, turnips, chives, basil, peas, garlic and more are apart of the regular deliveries made to neighbors and one of our favorite local restaurants, NUDEL.  We started the garden three years ago after being introduced to a wonderful gardner who helped us plant the first year, and were hooked ever since.   Fresh, organic, local produce is a luxury that becomes quickly addictive.  The veggies taste great and are full on energy! Sharing the season’s crop among the program members will consume most of the harvest, but there will still always be some for the guests of the Winthrop Estate to enjoy over the course of their summer.  Come to the estate and experience it for yourself! There is no shortage of good wine, good food or good company here.

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