Wear your bathrobe around our house.

by Jamie on August 3, 2011



We recently received another confirmation that our guests feel right at home while staying at the Winthrop Estate.  Of course, we receive lots of feedback from guests and friends telling us how happy and satisfied they are with the luxurious accommodations and warm atmosphere.  But this was not a written confirmation of satisfaction– it came in the form of a bathrobe.  One evening Jamie encountered one of our guests walking around the house in his bathrobe (we provide Cypress cotton robes to all our guests).  He was admiring the original brass hinges and old bell system on the second floor, and he and Jamie got into an amiable conversation about the history of the house.  Our guest had his camera in hand and was taking pictures of interesting details.  Jamie was so flattered at his appreciation and his obvious relaxed and at-home demeanor.  We know we’re doing a good job when guests wear the bathrobes around the house!

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