How We Accommodate Pets

by Jamie on October 21, 2011

We love pets, and we know that our guests love being with their pets.  We know how hard it is to leave your pet behind when you go away.

We have taken care to make sure that the Winrhop Estate remains as clean, fresh, and allergen free as possible, at all times.  We know that one person’s beloved pet carries another person’s allergen.  Out of consideration for future guests who have allergies,  though we allow pets on the estate’s 45 acres, we do not allow pets in the mansion.  Additionally, we have filled the mansion with oriental rugs, custom drapery and genuine antiques.  One family’s heirloom furniture could very well serve as another cat’s scratching post.

In the interest of all, we can provide two reasonable, though imperfect solutions.  For people who wish to stay at the estate but not leave their pet at home, we hope you will consider the following:

For a nominal fee, your pet can stay at the nearby  Animal Inn of the Berkshires.  The Animal Inn is well regarded, and they will not only board your pet but they will provide grooming and even portrait services.  They will create a ‘vacation experience’ for your pet.   We can help make the arrangements and can have the pet visit the estate to go for walks or even a hike on our extensive trails.  While we do take pains to keep pets out of the mansion, we are happy to have them on the estate.

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