A Brief History Lesson

by Jamie on February 17, 2012

Winthrop Estate is one of the few remaining Berkshire Cottages of the Gilded Age.  We are proud to be restoring and maintaining a magnificent architectural gem of American History.

In the latter part of the nineteenth century into the early twentieth century, the growing wealthy upper class aspired to create elite resorts and communities for themselves in which to play, entertain and network.  The Berkshires were home to one of those communities; wealthy families from Boston and New York hired talented architects to build sumptuous houses.

A passage from Richard S. Jackson Jr. and Cornelia Brooke Gilder’s book, The Houses of the Berkshires, 1870-1930 helps to illustrate the significance of the “Berkshire Cottages” in the wider scope of American architecture.

“The intersection of ambitious clients with versatile architects achieved a significant physical presence in a number of cities and resorts, and particularly in one small corner of Massachusetts.  Within a few hundred square miles comprising Lenox and Stockbridge, the best architects from New York and Boston, plus some remarkable able local practitioners, invented a unique and uniquely American landscape of great country houses.”

It is our passion and honor to be the current owners and caretakers of the Winthrop Estate.  We strive to recreate an atmosphere of authentic luxury.  With great pleasure, we invite you to be our guest for your wedding, family reunion or corporate retreat and participate in living a lavish piece of American history.

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