Winthrop Estate is an Arboretum

by Jamie on March 15, 2012

Trees to the West of the Lawn

Trees to the West of the Lawn

The Winthrop Estate is home to some remarkable tree specimens.  To honor these sylvan elders we recently compiled a list of common and Latin names of twelve of our favorite, grandest trees and had arboretum quality labels engraved and hung upon their trunks for our guests to peruse.

As you walk around our grounds, you will see Fagus sylvatica, Copper Beech; Ginko biloba, both male and female; Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce; Robinia pseudoacacia, Black locust; Salix alba, White willow, and Aesculus hippocastanum among others.

The Berkshire Botanical Garden is another wonderful venue for those who enjoy horticultural. is open May through October and is a the non-profit, educational garden that boasts 15 acres of brilliantly designed and planted ornamental gardens.  A vegetable garden, and an herb garden are further sources of inspiration there.  Hosting classes, lectures and workshops as well as tours of the garden, the Berkshire Botanical Garden is a true Berkshire gem.

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